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What impact does the improper use of inkjet printer consumables have on the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-28

The content of the inkjet printer consumables matched by each inkjet printer brand is different. In order to save the later use cost of the consumables, some users choose to purchase some low-priced consumables from a treasure and other channels to replace the original consumables. For example, products made of PE materials need high-adhesion inks, and products that require high-temperature sterilization need to use high-temperature-resistant inks... Little do you know that this kind of cheap consumables can only be used for simple inkjet, but once encountering materials that are difficult to penetrate, The adhesion is far from meeting the user's requirements, which not only damages the stability and service life of the printer.

At the same time, it will also hinder the after-sales service of inkjet printer manufacturers. If inkjet printer inks with different characteristics are mixed together, it will even cause damage to important parts of the machine, resulting in high-cost repair costs. The reason why some users choose inferior cij printer consumables is because the price is low, but the quality of the consumables cannot meet the standard. As cij printer users, many users do not understand the harm of inferior inkjet printer consumables. Pursuing low cost, but ignoring the possible impact of these substandard inkjet printer consumables, sometimes it may be fatal. Inferior inkjet printer consumables bring cost traps, and drive low and go high. Due to the substantial increase in the consumption and volatilization rate of inkjet printer consumables per unit time, the cost of use does not decrease but increases. And in many cases, such consumables cannot provide formal test reports, and the potential hazards are also relatively large. As a senior inkjet printer manufacturer, Technology recommends that users must choose the original inkjet printer consumables to use the inkjet printer more efficiently and for a longer time, reduce the failure rate of the inkjet printer, improve the stability of equipment operation, and more cij printers. Relevant knowledge, welcome to inquire.
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