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What impact does the working environment have on the printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-23

Various production lines require different marking contents, and at the same time, inkjet printers are also required to carry out marking and Leadtech Coding on the production line. Different industries have different production environments. Some production lines are clean and tidy, and the printer can directly print the code at the position where the product needs to be without processing. However, some products have experienced harsh environments such as dust, stains, water vapor, etc. When the inkjet printer is printing, it is necessary to carry out product preprocessing before the cij printer can complete the inkjet marking.

The harsh production environment does not cause problems for the printer itself. At the beginning of the design of the inkjet printer, the environment of the inkjet printer is preset. When the printer itself is not turned on, it can resist water vapor, dust, etc. The marking of the inkjet printer is formed by the adhesion of the ink on the product. If the ink of the inkjet printer is not to have adverse effects in the later stage, such as falling off, blurring, etc., the surface of the product must be clean, and the surface of the product cannot be There are some sundries attached, otherwise the ink of the inkjet printer is directly attached to the sundries, and will disappear directly as the sundries fall off later. Before marking the printer in harsh environments, it is necessary to clean the parts that need to be marked on the product to prevent the product from being unclear. The origin of Technology Co., Ltd. and inkjet printers can be traced back to the end of the 20th century, focusing on inkjet identification equipment, anti-counterfeiting traceability systems, and providing customers with overall product inkjet identification solutions. Our products cover Videojet cij printers in the United States, Domino in the United Kingdom, Markem-Imaje in France, Leibinger small character inkjet printers in Germany, Syke cij printers in Germany, Metronix in Germany, IKD in Germany Japan's Hitachi and other major brands are widely used in food, beverages, medicine, daily chemicals, cables, electronic appliances, building materials, auto parts, etc.

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