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What industry is the laser marking machine used in?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-05

With the continuous development of science and technology, many industrial technologies have special requirements for materials, and materials made by smelting and casting methods can no longer meet the needs.

Due to the special properties and manufacturing advantages of powder metallurgy materials, they are replacing traditional smelting materials in certain fields such as automobiles, airplanes, and tool and cutting tool manufacturing. With the increasing development of powder metallurgy materials, they are more The connection problem of parts has become increasingly prominent, which limits the application of powder metallurgy materials.

   First of all, the packaging industry that uses the most and most direct.

We all know that the laser marking machine is also a laser cij printer. It is a food and beverage packaging, wine bottle cap cigarette packaging, medicine box/bottle packaging that is marked and identified on the material... whatever it is Material, this writing needs to be marked on the product by a laser marking machine, that is, the product's production date, batch number, two-dimensional code and other clear technology on the material.

, so for the huge packaging industry, the laser marking machine is bound to be a 'professional'.

  1, pharmaceutical packaging

   In many cases, we can find that in some comparisons There are also a lot of words on the small medical packaging. Although these words are very inconspicuous, they usually appear in places that seem to be difficult to make. Therefore, many people have always been unfamiliar with this technology. In fact, this kind of characters are often produced by this kind of laser marking machine, and the laser marking machine is almost only this kind of equipment that can be made very well.

 2, jewelry crafts industry

   The processing of craft gifts and toys such as clocks, pens, combs, craft bamboo slips, etc., to realize the refined requirements of jewelry processing.

  3. Plastic and rubber industry

   is mainly used in plastic products (Such as plastic buttons) marking, marking PVC, PE, PP, PT, ABS and other plastic products.

  4. Architectural ceramics

   There are many things in architecture Ceramics are actually very particular about workmanship, especially in the shaping of some shapes of ceramics. Many times there will be many different patterns. In this case, the use of laser marking machines is also very effective because this laser is used for processing. For marking, it will not cause any harm or damage to the magnet itself, so the effect is very good when used. In this industry, it is also an industry that uses a lot of laser marking machines.

  5. Hardware production

  Hardware is a product that people use a lot in decoration and daily life. Therefore, with the promotion and popularization of this industry, people now have very high requirements for the style of hardware, so the hardware industry has also begun to appear from quality I began to think about the evolution and development of comprehensive quality. Many hardware products actually have various characters and patterns made by laser marking machines. The effect is also very good, and it has been used for a long time. It will not deteriorate, so it is suitable for some industries that require relatively high hardware facilities.

  6. Semiconductor integrated circuit industry

   is mainly used for integrated circuit boards, Semiconductor components perform assembly line marking operations, including text or graphic marking (one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code).

Because of the non-contact processing method, no mechanical pressure is generated, and the laser focused beam is extremely thin, which can be used for fine processing on small components (integrated circuits, crystal oscillators, capacitors).

   In general, this kind of laser marking machine is actually applied in the market in more than 20 industry fields. Such a wide range of The application situation also shows that this kind of laser marking machine equipment is now at a very mature development stage. For example, we know a lot of wine packaging and so on. In fact, this kind of laser marking machine is also used. In general, this laser marking machine has become a very trendy laser equipment, and its products are appearing more and more in the market, becoming a unique and beautiful landscape.

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