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What is a continuous ink system? What kind of works? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-22
Or even for continuous ink system, it is only in recent years in the field of inkjet printers in new way of ink. Continuous ink system, it USES external the ink bottle with a catheter is connected to a printer cartridges, so the ink bottle will continuously provide the cartridge with ink, is the so-called & quot; Even for & quot; 。 The greatest benefit of continuous ink system is economical, much cheaper than the original ink. Secondly ink volume, easy to add ink, color has a capacity of 100 ml, at least 5 times more than the original ink cartridge ink. Its quality is rising steadily, even for the ink good even for the ink won't plug nozzle, have a clean break several times, this is even provides a strong guarantee for the survival and development. Even for the system has been widely used at present. Our printer is to use even for the system, which greatly reduce the cost of the cartridge, also make the printer longer life, easier operation. Choice, choose your money good helper! The above is to bring us what is continuous ink system? What kind of http://www works. szyl3d. com/news/xingyezixun/165。 HTML, hope to be of help. Is a major production of universal flat uv laser printing machine affordable, high performance/price ratio, and manufacturers selling uv flat-panel color printing machine, we are set production, research and development and sales and after-sale integration of new and high technology company, need a universal printer, uv plate printing machine, uv printers, welcome your consultation
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