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by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-30

Digital printing is transmitted to the computer through the digital form, the picture by computer color separation tracing draft system ( CAD) Editing process, the computer control of micro piezoelectric ink jet nozzle to special dyeing liquid spray directly to the textile, forming the required pattern. The popularization and application of digital printing technology, plays an important role on the development of textile industry. 1. To promote the development of textile enterprise mode of production and way; The emergence of digital printing technology, raise the accuracy of printing image, also for the factory production efficiency. 2. For the most part meet the demand of people's printing, so as to improve people's quality of life; Everyone can according to self requirements, printed character clothes, also greatly in life to avoid malfunctions. 3. Digital printing will directly promote & other; Green textiles & throughout; And & other Green manufacturing & throughout; The development of. With the development of the society, the demands of people's life, health and safety has been the subject of attention, food and clothing live line is of particular note for our daily, including clothing is associated with the digital printing of said today. Traditional printing technology used in the safety performance of ink is not high and not environmental protection, environmental pollution and harmful to human body. Digital printing is a new type of green environmental protection technology, for & other; Green manufacturing & throughout; Bring a promoting role. Is a company dedicated to manufacture high-quality printer equipment manufacturers, layer upon layer the control about the quality of the laser marking machine, aimed at the masses to solve problems, provide better equipment! Want to know the printer friend please leave a message or to the website. Consultation!
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