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What is a multi-station rotary laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-21

The function of the product is continuously developed with the needs of customers. The multi-station automatic rotary laser marking machine is also developed because the customers of special shape products need more convenient and efficient processing methods. There are round, cylindrical, curved and other light-weight and small-sized items, such as light bulbs, lamp sockets, bearings, valves, flanges, flashlights and other items.

Multi-station automatic rotary laser marking machine is upgraded on the basis of fiber laser marking machine, so in addition to fiber laser marking with high electro-optical conversion rate, low energy consumption, and no consumables , It can work as usual in harsh environment, high stability, energy saving and environmental protection. Now due to the increase of functions, the multi-station independent rotary marking design reduces the loading and unloading time and improves work efficiency. In addition to plane marking In addition, optional marking can also be carried out, which greatly meets the marking needs of some customers such as arcs, cylinders, and ellipses.

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