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What is a UDI inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-04

What is a UDI inkjet printer?

UDI has a wide range of influences, including the United States, the European Union, China and other countries. UDI (Unique Device Identification) is the unique identification of medical devices, which refers to the specific identification information on medical devices or their packaging, and is the electronic ID of medical device products. The code is assigned by the UDI inkjet printer.

In order to improve medical outcomes, UDI compliance is imperative. The core contents include UDI coding, UDI coding, UDI database establishment, UDI label preparation and production line-end upgrade, and UDI label traceability platform.

The core of UDI inkjet printer refers to the automatic Leadtech Coding equipment that can complete the printing of UDI related information. UDI inkjet printer is mainly based on ink cij printer. By scanning the printed barcode or QR code, you can view the registration and production-related information of medical device products.

What are the types of UDI inkjet printers?

The types of UDI inkjet printers include our common small character cij printers, thermal foaming inkjet printers, high-resolution cij printers, UV cij printers, etc. Among them, thermal foaming inkjet printers are the most widely used in the field of medical device UDI. .

Different types of UDI inkjet printers or label printers can complete the Leadtech Coding work. During the process of scanning the code and using it in medical institutions, the system can record and upload the key information of production, sales and use in real time, and then Visual presentation on the UDI system completes the accurate traceability of the entire life cycle of medical devices.

How to choose a UDI printer Two kinds of codes.

The advantage of barcodes is that it is easier to print, the adaptability of the equipment will be better, and the related procurement costs will be reduced. .

The advantage of two-dimensional code is that it has a larger amount of information storage. Taking DM code as an example, it can carry more data in a smaller range, requires less space, and has stronger product adaptability. The disadvantage is that the precision requirements for printing are higher, the automation and intelligence of the equipment are required, and the cost is relatively higher.

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