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What is artificial intelligence in inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-11

2017 is the first year of artificial intelligence. With the advancement of science and technology, more and more factories are beginning to use automation equipment to solve the increasingly expensive labor and expenses. p>

In the machine industry, what exactly is artificial intelligence? What are the specific performances?

On the Internet, the most popular recently is that 2016 was accompanied by several Go games (man-machine battle). The fields of artificial intelligence and data science that the general public knows embodies the infinite possibilities of future technology.

1. In the inkjet printer industry, intelligence usually refers to data communication.

Data communication is very practical in the trend of the Internet of Things, whether it is the traceable 'one thing one codeDimension code, all

It can make real-time changes through the function of data communication. The connection of content database, encoding database, and text document database can also allow us to control and get ourselves< /p>

The desired logo on the product.

The data communication function of the intelligent inkjet printer mainly depends on the RS232 or RS485 serial data interface standard and the supporting communication protocol. The serial communication protocol belongs to I


The third layer of the SO international reference standard data link layer. The data link layer must use the services provided to it by the physical layer.

Second, the remote control of the inkjet printer is also a manifestation of what we call artificial intelligence in the cij printer industry.

Through the RS485 serial port, through the long-distance connection, use the program to control the startup, shutdown, information editing and other operations of the cij printer. For some workshops with a high degree of automation,

Avoid the cumbersome manual operation. To achieve remote control, a dedicated communication protocol is generally required, which is only valid for the control device. There is a dedicated set of

communication protocols, which can be written into computer software to realize remote control functions.

For consumers, the artificial intelligence of the cij printer is to help us solve various identification problems encountered in actual work and production, and achieve simple, reliable, efficient and stable

's coding logo.

2017 has come, and the artificial intelligence of cij printers is a trend. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. I hope that we can improve together with our customers and make our productivity even better

Step by step, work hard to achieve true automation and artificial intelligence.

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