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What is the advantage of using a custom T-shirt printer guanggu shan? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-22
Guanggu shan custom show differences from traditional class of advertisement, possesses the advantages of the flow. So is one of the modern enterprise is very common way of advertising. Compared to traditional advertising way, such as our common advertising light box advertising, stores, etc. , although a very large area, put the position is very conspicuous, is able to attract others' attention, but they all have a limit, that is only exists in one place. Guanggu shan is a walking & other; Live signature & throughout; 。 Then select custom T-shirt printer overalls what good? 1. Is the old brand, first is the research and development production, the digital printing equipment, has nearly 19 years. The machine performance of mature, experienced technical staff, don't worry about the use of machines and after-sale problems. 2. And the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly develop a new generation of independent boards, printing speed of break the shackles of industry. Double location of the new textile printer can print two pieces of clothes at the same time, only 2 & lsquo; 40 ' ‘ ! ! ! Batch jobs, afraid of pollution? In a T-shirt laser printing machine quickly! Print the entire non-polluting, using high quality imported textile ink environmental protection, is this your configuration. 3. Use famous white T-shirt laser printing machine ink, not only reduce the nozzle clogging, also can print better white, color fastness to stronger. Even if use knife also not afraid! This is the T-shirt printing, is worthy of your favor. 18 years to wait for you good quality
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