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What is the application of laser marking machine in electronic communication?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-24

Laser marking machines have been developed in laser processing and have been used in our production and manufacturing for a long time. In the electronic communication industry, laser technology is widely used in supporting products for the free integration of electronic components. It is a new breakthrough in industrial manufacturing technology and a new type of marking processing technology without contact, chemical pollution and wear. model. In recent years, as the application of laser technology has become more and more extensive, it has been effectively combined with computer science technology, thus breaking through another milestone in the development of laser processing. 70% of the mobile phone manufacturing process is applied to laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment. Especially in recent years, the development of high-power, high-energy UV marking machines, deep UV and ultra-fast laser processing technologies has promoted the development of the electronic communication industry, which is related to the technical performance of lasers and the precision manufacturing performance of mobile phones.

Technical application of laser marking machine in electronic communication

Laser processing technology widely used in 3C industry at this stage Mainly: laser marking machine marking process. Under the premise of precision processing, traditional printing, stamping, CNC and other processes can no longer meet the increasing processing demands, and cannot effectively control production costs.

The laser marking machine has no force on the surface of the material, no cutting force, no mechanical deformation, no corrosion on the surface of the material, and little thermal influence, which ensures the material the original accuracy. It can be used to mark devices such as integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, crystal oscillators, diodes, and transistors.

1. Strong anti-counterfeiting: Once the product's batch number, serial number, QR code, logo and other identification information are marked, it cannot be changed, and the marking will not be Regresses due to environmental relationships (touch, acid and reducing gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.). It better guarantees the quality of goods and plays an anti-counterfeiting role.

2. Improve product quality: It can play a certain role in resisting the chaos in the electronic industry, thereby improving the quality of electronic products.

3. Low cost: The electronics industry mainly relies on production to earn benefits, and naturally requires a large amount of equipment. At the same time, the frequency of equipment failure and maintenance also needs to be lower. The initial investment cost of the standard machine will be a little higher, but it does not have any consumables, does not consume electricity, is maintenance-free, and has a service life of up to 100,000 hours. It can be equipped with an automated system to save manpower, consumables, etc. In the long run, the cost of laser marking machines is much lower than that of traditional marking methods.

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