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What is the cause of fiber laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-26

decision a technical trend of the development of manufacturing industry is not mature, which depends on the time the level of development. High and new science and technology more and more developed now, laser equipment also gradually outstanding. Everybody out of the laser laser marking machine product research and development, as are the signs special tools, the key principle is to build identification inkjet, apparently, to provide for this kind of way then everybody to more and more high, slowly being phased out.

laser marking machine products will figure

so, because of the large demand will often appear many unconscionable selling fake selling fake makers, so that customers can be stronger and more security to enjoy its benefits, laser marking machine can give full play to great effect, its anti-counterfeiting mark effect by the smoke from the famous lines of producers a lot of buying, it can in a bottle of wine, every cover wine or 1 on cigarette packets often 1 independent number, the number sign long timeliness, clear, cannot change.

basic principle of optical fiber laser marking machine and structural components in detail

many manufacturers choose and buy a laser marking machine, 24 hours a day for the application of machinery and equipment, not the machine equipment maintenance is easy to have a common faults. Effective maintenance of optical fiber laser marking machine management system component can broaden its application service life, make the function of marking machine more dependable. When buy must pay special attention to the key structure, its resolution of the laser marking machine all the using effect and quality. The price of the marking machine depending on the laser beam, each good marking machine make a neat, standard, good-looking. The basic principle of optical fiber laser marking machine is the key according to the application of the beam on the surface chemical etched traces of special tools. Because laser marking machine is widely used in all types of marking machine, environmental protection in this. Together due to the output power is very high, also save energy, can save more capital for enterprise's production assembly line work. Now come with laser we come to know about the structure and its selection method of optical fiber laser marking machine with laser optical fiber as the media, has good heat pipe cooling, high output power, the advantages of faster by many manufacturing industries. Optical fiber laser marking pause with air-cooled laser diode as pump sources are used, only suitable for single pulse and continuous safe operation and application is also more convenient. Is said to this, so we know each how many parts constitute the fiber laser marking machine is?

laser marking institutions into a certain facilities system software structure in any of the following: a, laser generator

this is the key to the laser marking machine spare parts, according to the model, it usually has a lot of laser generator series products: fiber, ultraviolet light, CO2 and YAG, semiconductor materials, etc. The output laser way good service life is long, is designed to be installed on marking machine shell. For interpublic, fiber laser, sharp fiber laser, chong xin fiber laser, fiber laser, jie put fiber laser, exciting fiber laser, etc.

laser optical fiber laser marking machine, laser power supply

laser marking machine laser generator is a driving force for the laser show equipment, the type of work voltage is AC220V alternating current. Installed on the marking machine control box. Means for fiber laser power supply system of one element, usually with Ming weft or HengFu relatively good

power supply three laser marking machine, vibration field mirror scanner system software of laser marking machine galvanometer system

the galvanometer scanner system software of optical fiber marking machine beam expander is usually 10 mm spot of large digital beam expander, of course also simulate the galvanometer, the individual application usually such people are early customers, selling 10 points of simulation of scanlab galvanometer. Now most of the optical fiber marking machine application galvanometer galvanometer is Numbers. I think digital galvanometer and simulation beam expander is not large, that is to say 1 simulation beam expander with 1 DA, as to transmit data signals is a way of the analog signal transmitted during the whole process, reduce the transmission process will be under interference. Usually fiber marking machine is full application of the USB marking card, digital galvanometer is necessary USB digital marking card, analog galvanometer is necessary USB simulation marking card. Now on the market of fiber optic vibration many lens, beam expander key imports are: scanlab, raylase ( Reilly) , GSI, CTI, domestic: sonny, sea, create, but in the new century, and voytek, zc, qin long, Ken radium, generality, billiton days in the new century, superior, centec ty, jianlong, etc. Many domestic beam expander manufacturers will do imitation scanlab beam expander, I think this kind of beam expander is to choose some good points of the motor, and one with the same joke scanlab, it becomes the high copy scanlab. Main quality how, still need to see rate, switch loss, precision, how long is the guarantee of the main parameters. Galvanometer scanner system software is made up of electronic optical scanning gun and servo motor control part 2. Vibration of the lens: the stator, the motor rotor, inspection controller of three parts. The whole system software use new technology, new materials, new technology and new technology, new principle, design and manufacturing.
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