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What is the cause of the pressure failure of the small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-25

In daily work, pressure failure will occur in the process of frequent use of small character cij printers, so what is the reason for this? Let us analyze and solve this problem together with the technical cij printer engineers.

1. The ink line speed is normal, the pressure loss, or too high

(1) Check whether there are additives in the additive bucket, and add additives; check the viscosity of the ink to determine whether the ink has become thinner

(2) Check whether the breakpoint shape is correct and adjust the breakpoint;

(3) Check whether the electrode of the nozzle is clean and clean the nozzle;

2. The pressure loss failure caused by the failure of the pump motor

(1) The pump motor fails, causing a loss of power, resulting in a total pressure loss indicating a pressure failure.

(2) The motor is disconnected from the pump. At this time, although the motor is rotating, the gear in the front section of the pump does not rotate, resulting in all pressure loss, indicating a pressure failure.

(3) The gears of the pump are worn, causing the loss of driving rate, which leads to the loss of partial pressure, indicating a pressure failure.

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