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What is the CCD visual positioning laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-22

is a laser laser laser marking machine manufacturers focus on visual positioning of laser marking machine r&d manufacturers

CCD visual laser marking machine - — Uv laser light path or CO2 laser light path or the combination of optical fiber laser light path and CCD visual system.

CCD visual location of laser marking machine can be in any direction, any number, any position under the condition of material, high precision positioning marking. With the vibration plate, with the assembly line, the XY platform etc, and can realize unmanned, automatic production, greatly improve the product quality and production efficiency.

the CCD visual orientation marking machine mainly has four kinds of forms: the CCD coaxial visual location of laser marking machine, CDD pseudo coaxial visual location of laser marking machine, CCD visual positioning paraxial laser marking machine and CCD binocular vision positioning laser marking machine.

visual laser marking machine application overview

visual positioning as a kind of non-contact laser marking technology in modern precision machining methods are widely used in all walks of life, can be in any abnormity surface engraving, won't produce deformation and internal stress of workpiece, can get high precision processing quality, and to ensure the processing quality of identity. Through the visual system to assist in the laser marking, can make the advantages of laser processing to get a more comprehensive, not only can solve the problem of a target accuracy, and high adaptability, without using the fixture, reduce cost, at the same time improve the automation process of product line, reduced the artificial participation, improve the system efficiency.

system calibration, the establishment of physical space and pixel mapping relationship of the space, the image distortion correction;

acquisition target image, the part will be obvious characteristics as nuclear positioning, training;

set the file content, the machining of setting the location of the need to processing;

start running offline, marking, try, try to fine-tune system error;

choose online operation, continuous processing visual guide to begin.

the automation process, reduce artificial participation, improve the system efficiency;

high adaptability, no mass production abnormity fixture custom;

innovation a key calibration, automatic camera calibration and coordinate system transformation;

a variety of positioning tool, the target of various surface features can be precise positioning;

diversified marking objective support, single mode single goal/target/multimodal multi-objective;

more marking target template management

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