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What is the cleaning method of the nozzle of the laser inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-18

Laser cij printer is a relatively advanced instrument and equipment. Its current application range is very wide, but the nozzle holes on its nozzle are very small, and many reasons will cause it to be blocked, so It needs to be cleaned in time, so what is the cleaning method of the nozzle of the laser cij printer? Today, the editor of Harmony Tianyu will give you a brief introduction.

1. When cleaning the nozzle of the laser printing machine, it is best to wear gloves and operate it. The first is to remove the nozzle cover. When cleaning the nozzle, clean the surrounding area of u200bu200bthe nozzle. Then reverse the nozzle vertically, wrap the connected part of the nozzle tube with water-absorbing material, and hold the nozzle.

2. After holding the nozzle, you can press the [enter] key to clean the nozzle. At this time, the status displayed on the screen of the laser printer is that the laser printing machine is performing nozzle cleaning, and then the number of cleanings will be counted down.

3. Spray a little diluent on the inverted nozzle. At this time, you can see that the diluent sprayed on the surface of the nozzle will be sucked in by the nozzle hole. Then flow back to the ink system.

4. Next, spray the diluted liquid on the nozzle repeatedly until the diluted liquid is no longer sucked in. If the nozzle cleaning procedure is performed three times each time, it can be repeated up to ten times. After performing the cleaning task, try to start the spray. If after ten cleanings, it is found that the clogging of the nozzle has not been completely removed, then the nozzle needs to be replaced. After cleaning, wait a few minutes for the spray head to dry completely.

When you clean the nozzle of the laser printing machine, you can clean it according to the above method. After cleaning, do not use paper towel or cloth to wipe the nozzle. This will easily cause the fibers of the paper towel or cloth to remain on the surface of the nozzle. We can let it dry directly.

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