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What is the cooling principle of metal laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-27

Analyze the laser refrigeration principle of fiber laser marking machine: First, quantum mechanics proposes that atoms can only absorb photons of specific frequencies, thereby changing their momentum and Doppler effect. The frequency of the wave becomes higher as the source moves towards the observer and as the source moves away from the observer. The same conclusion can be obtained when the observer moves. The same goes for atoms. When the atoms move in the opposite direction of the photons, the frequency of the photons will increase, and when the atoms move in the same direction as the photons, the frequency of the photons will decrease. Another principle of physics is that light has momentum, even though it has no static mass. Therefore, a simple model for laser cooling can be constructed by considering all the above physical properties.

The frequency of the laser is tunable within a certain range, but when the frequency of the laser is slightly lower than the absorption frequency of the atoms. This happens when specific atoms are irradiated with such a beam. If the atoms move towards the laser beam, this is due to the Doppler effect of light. The frequency of photons increases, while the frequency of laser photons is only slightly less than the absorbable frequency of atoms. At this point, the Doppler effect is absorbed by the atom, and this absorption exhibits a change in momentum as the photon moves in the opposite direction to the atom after the photon collides with the atom. Atoms move to excited states, their momentum is reduced, and thus kinetic energy is reduced.

Fiber laser marking machine

For other atoms, the corresponding photon frequency will not increase, so the laser beam cannot be absorbed photons in . So, contrary to kinetic energy, there is no increase in momentum. When we irradiate atoms with multiple laser beams from different angles, the atoms' momentum in different directions decreases. Therefore, the kinetic energy is reduced, and since the laser only reduces the momentum of the atoms, the momentum of most atoms will reach a very low level in the process. However, for the purpose of refrigeration, most applications of this technology are used for atomic cooling, but for molecules, it is difficult to cool them to ultra-low temperature, but ultra-cold molecules are more important than ultra-cold atoms. Now, the way to cool molecules is to combine ultracold basic atoms to create binary molecules.

Not long ago. Yale University once cooled strontium fluoride SRFS to several hundred microcuffs. Another type of laser cooling, also known as anti-Stokes fluorescence cooling. The basic principle of the cooling method is the anti-Stokes effect, which cools by the energy difference between scattered and incident light. The anti-Stokes effect is a special kind of scattering effect. The scattered fluorescence photons have a wavelength shorter than the incident photon wavelength.

Therefore, the energy of scattered fluorescence photons is higher than that of incident photons. The luminescent medium scatters high energy photons, and the original energy is taken out of the medium to cool. Lasers play a role in providing cooling power compared to traditional cooling methods. Scattering of anti-Stokes fluorescence is the hot carrier.

The above is the introduction of the fiber laser marking machine manufacturer to its working principle, hoping to help customers and friends.

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