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What is the current price of 20W laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-17

Many customers who buy laser marking machines ask or search the price online before purchasing, such as: What is the current price of 20W laser marking machines? As a result, a search on the Internet was confusing, and there was a lot of money, ranging from 9800-30000 yuan. What's the difference, and why is it so different? The following laser editor will lead you to analyze:

The price of laser marking machine, generally the price of different configurations is also very different, the configuration of several standards, such as laser laser, domestic laser and imported laser, domestic laser Wuhan Raycus laser (20w price is around 8000) ranks first, and the imported German IPG laser (20w price is around 29800 yuan). The price is very different; for example, boards, such as manufacturers. Domestic Beijing Jinhaichuang genuine board, the price is around 1500, and the pirated version is only about 300; and then there is the galvanometer, the best domestic one is the Beijing Jinhaichuang galvanometer (the price is more than 3000), and the cheap one is about 600 yuan. In addition to computers, cabinets, optical paths, etc., the price of domestic 20W laser marking machines is normal at around 22,000-26,000 yuan, while the imported ones are above 40,000 yuan.

The cost-effective price of general optical fiber is about 28000-32000, the relative price of CO2 is about 36000, and UV is the most expensive among the three. All are above 7W. The normal situation is discussed here. As for the products of more than 1W on a certain treasure and a bus, there are also products with more than 1W. We will not evaluate them here. It should be based on your own needs. Anyway, you get what you get for every penny.

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