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What is the depth of focus of UV laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-09

In the laser industry, the depth of field, also known as the depth of focus, is the abbreviation of the depth of focus of the UV laser marking machine. Generally, it is often called the depth of field in the field of engineering materials. Not only can the points located on the plane of this point be clearly seen, but also within a certain thickness above and below the plane, the thickness of this clear part is the depth of field.

The longer the focal length, the greater the depth of focus; the shorter the focal length, the smaller the depth of focus. The larger the depth of focus, the lower the resolution, which is equivalent to the larger focus spot in the laser industry.

Therefore, if you need the field lens to hit some products with small fluctuations, try to choose a field lens with a longer focal length, but this will also cause a relatively large energy loss and focus. The spot will be thicker.

At the same time, if you choose a field lens with a shorter focal length, the focal depth will be short, and the marking effect will be poor when the surface of the object to be marked is uneven. But once you hit a complete plane, the energy is relatively sufficient and the lines are relatively thin.

So choosing a field lens with any parameter has advantages and disadvantages! This requires us to choose the appropriate focal length according to our own needs in the process of selecting UV laser marking airport mirrors.

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