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What is the difference between 20W|30W|50W fiber laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-05

When customers buy a laser marking machine, they do not know what power marking machine to choose. Fiber laser marking machines are available in 20 watts, 30 watts, and 50 watts. Different powers have different prices. The higher the price, the higher the price. We are the most commonly used models, so what is the difference between the 20W|30W|50W fiber laser marking machine?

The appearance of the machine cannot be seen, just look at the laser of the machine, then the difference between the 20w/30w/50w fiber laser marking machine is that due to the different power, the required The price is different, so the difference in power is: the laser peak value of the 20W optical fiber marking machine is higher, and the application coverage will be wide. In addition to the ultra-precision processing, the 20W optical fiber marking machine has won the majority of processing manufacturers in terms of application surface and efficiency. Approved, the printing format can be selected from 100*100, 150*150*, 175*175, and the selection rate is as high as 60%; while the 30W optical fiber marking machine and even the 50W optical fiber marking machine only need some special products. For applications such as deep engraving, deep ink peeling, small cutting, and fast speed requirements, the marking format can be selected from 200*200, 300*300, because of its high price and low selection rate.

In general, if the company has fewer products to mark and only make appearance effects, purchasing a 20W optical fiber marking machine is enough, two words, it is cost-effective. If it is a processing user, then of course efficiency is the main thing, it is recommended to use 30W fiber laser marking machine equipment. Automatic laser marking machine manufacturer address: No. 107, Yanyang Road, Chengyang District (East Gate of Agricultural University). Laser tailors your own marking machine for you. Provide customers with laser solutions, non-standard or standard automation equipment, and can produce 3D renderings and automated wiring diagrams. For needs, please call 18663960188 WeChat with the same number.

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