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What is the difference between a large character inkjet printer and a small character inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

Both large-character inkjet printers and small-character inkjet printers are two indispensable models in the inkjet printer industry, and their applications are also very extensive. Generally, small-character cij printers are mainly used in industries such as food and electronics, and large-character inkjet printers are used in industries such as packaging. The following inkjet printer manufacturers will talk about their differences: The working principle of the small character inkjet printer is that the ink enters the spray chamber under pressure, and the spray chamber is equipped with a crystal oscillator. Through vibration, the ink is from a very small aperture ( Usually 60 microns) nozzles are ejected to form fixed intervals. Through CPU processing and phase tracking, some ink dots passing through the charging electrode are charged with different electric nuclei, and they are different under the high-voltage magnetic field of several thousand volts. Offset, fly out the nozzle and land on the moving product surface, forming a dot matrix, thus forming text, numbers or graphics. The small character inkjet printer has a vertical downward nozzle. In the printing process, the ink droplets are charged by the inkjet printer to make the ink droplets charged, and then the ink droplets are printed on the surface of the object according to the predetermined trajectory by using the principle of the charged deflection of the ink droplets.

In the printing process, the small character inkjet printer must make the printed object and the nozzle form a relative displacement to complete the entire printing process. Large character inkjet printers are just the opposite. The nozzle of the large-character cij printer will always ink, but the valve design will be adopted in the front stage, and the effect of inkjet or stop can be achieved through the opening and closing of the valve, so as to complete the printing target. When the cij printer starts to work, the computer will analyze the pattern and directly output a continuous electronic signal to control the miniature solenoid valve on the nozzle to control the ink flow and print the specified content. The large-character inkjet printer mainly prints the production date, and the large-character cij printer effectively reduces manual errors through a fast and efficient production line. The size of printing characters above 18mm is called a large-character inkjet printer. Large-character inkjet printers are widely used in cartons, plates, coils, etc., and are distributed in food, chemical, steel, metallurgy, medicine, daily chemical and other industries. The nozzle manufacturing process of the large-character inkjet printer brings highly reliable performance and low maintenance costs.

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