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What is the difference between a laser marking machine and an ink jet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-21
Now the rapid development of laser technology, laser printers can be used in many fields. It is used in the identification of daily necessities, food and other products. For example, the common production date, model, and barcode on the product are all laser marking machines or inkjet printers that meet the standards. , then what are the differences between the two?

The application fields of laser cij printers and inkjet printers are different. Among them, laser marking machines are mainly used in the fields of fine and high precision. They can also engrave various metal materials, and of course non-metallic materials can also be engraved. Material. It can also be used in jewelry, wine packaging and other products, so it can be seen that laser printers are widely used.

are mainly used in beverage, beer and other industries. There is a big difference between the two, and the cost of the two is different. Among them, the price of laser printers is relatively high, and the price of inkjet printers is relatively low. These are the purchase prices. In terms of operating costs, the operating cost of the laser printing machine is relatively low, and there are no consumables during use, and no maintenance is usually required during use. However, if you use an inkjet printer, it consumes a lot of special ink and a lot of consumables during use, and sometimes you need to replace accessories such as nozzles, and the price is relatively expensive. Professionals are also required to perform the replacement. The marking effect of laser inkjet printer and inkjet printer is different. Laser cij printer can etch the surface of objects when printing, so its marking effect is good, and it is clear and durable.
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