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What is the difference between a white ink jet coder and a yellow ink jet coder?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-19

With the modernization, high-tech and simplification of cij printer identification, inkjet printers have become the first choice for identification in various industries, one of the common identifications on packaging, and an important tool for completing identification tasks. Inkjet marking is leading the entire marking industry.

White ink jet is a kind of ink jet printer. Under the current technical situation, color ink jet printer identification is realized. White ink jet printer is a relatively common ink jet printer. Color ink is a mixture that allows the color to be included in the ink. In itself, the cij printer is required to achieve a certain precision, the pipeline design needs to be reasonable, the design of the nozzle needs to be more accurate, and more importantly, the inkjet printer maintains a suitable state for the ink during use. 'Blood', these are different from black ink jet printers. Yellow ink is one of the inks commonly used in white ink jet printers. The use of yellow ink can print bright and beautiful logos, and on different packaging materials, yellow ink can highlight the color more, improve the comfort of reading, and highlight the logo and product. Therefore, the application of yellow ink is also more used than that of white ink cij printers.

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