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What is the difference between bidirectional printing and unidirectional printing of UV laser marking machine? Please see the following introduction

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-28

In the exhibition, I saw that many customers are becoming more and more savvy. Once they need to buy some equipment, they go to the International Expo Center and take out the 'killer' they carry with them, all kinds of materials for proofing, and go to the international expo center. Go to each exhibition hall to find the sales staff, after some conversations, put forward your own requirements and then leave.

It seems that there is no problem, the customer not only saves time but also improves efficiency, but there is such a The overlooked detail is that when the customer comes back every time and gets the printed samples, he will always consult the sales staff about the parameters of this printing. Here, the seller rarely mentions 'one-way printing' or 'two-way printing'. 'The problem. So what is one-way and two-way? I believe that many friends who buy UV laser marking machine equipment rarely hear this word. In fact, this two-way is that the galvanometer of the laser marking machine goes back and forth once, and it has to reprint the sample twice in total. Then one-way printing means that the galvanometer must pass over the material sample once. The difference is reflected in the speed! Yes, the parameter speed of bidirectional printing must be slower than that of unidirectional printing, and the accuracy of bidirectional printing will be better than that of unidirectional printing. Therefore, when the customer directly put the sample in the exhibition hall, he did not ask such a question, but only saw the effect.

After Z, the laser editor hopes that friends who are about to participate in the exhibition can buy fiber laser marking machine equipment. Using this, I tried to learn the original parameters of the machine Z from the salesperson's mouth.

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