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What is the difference between domestic laser marking machine and imported laser marking?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-26

Domestic laser marking machine: It is also the domestic optical fiber equipment that has impacted all imported high-priced optical fiber equipment in recent years. Adopt the optical fiber equipment manufacturers that have rapidly risen in China in recent years. The domestic Wuhan Raycus laser ranks second in the world, Beijing Jinhaichuang galvanometer, Nanjing wavelength field mirror and domestic Golden Orange board control software are all domestically produced. Affordable price and outstanding performance are its advantages.

Imported laser marking machine: At present, the configuration of the fiber laser machine on the market is still imported from Germany. German IPG fiber-coupled pulsed laser. SCLINB high-speed analog galvanometer laser head in various countries, German smliangt operation software board. These three parts make up the three important parts of the fiber laser marking machine, which are the sensitive and fast response brain of 'brain, heart and armPowerful heart supply function, as well as the quick response of the information segment.

Imported lasers have better beam quality and smaller spot size. There is no doubt about the quality. Laser engraving is very suitable for fine things, and has advantages! If it is fully imported, the speed of the galvanometer is relatively fast and the performance is relatively stable! Fine can become rough, and rough can not become fine, so the beam is very important! It can determine the process of laser manufacturing!

Chinese people still support domestic products. At the same speed, the effect is the same, but the filling is different. Domestic production is still relatively fast. Because the spot is slightly larger than the imported one! The domestic fiber laser marking machine is more efficient than imported ones! Easy to debug! Speaking of lifespan, in fact, the quality of imports is undeniable, but the domestic fiber laser marking machines have been quite stable in recent years, and they are not far behind foreign countries! 100,000 hours in theory! Practical application 7-8 years, can still work normally! The important thing to choose imported or domestic fiber laser marking machine is to look at your specific process, product requirements and the number of long-term processing. The advice that laser has always given to customers is: only choose the right one, not the expensive one, and cost-effective is the first choice !

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