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What is the difference between laser printer and ink printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-18

The use of laser cij printers fills the gap of online laser marking equipment in my country, and also shortens the gap between us and developed countries in this field. Now there are many friends who are interested in laser inkjet printers and inkjet printers. I don’t know much about the differences. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the differences between laser inkjet printers and ink inkjet printers.

The biggest difference between laser printer and ink printer is mainly in many aspects, such as performance, operation , data processing capability and environmental safety and other aspects, specifically:

The laser printer has two working modes, it can fly in dynamic and static The inkjet printer can only work in a dynamic flight state; the performance of the laser inkjet printer is reliable and very stable, it can work continuously for 24 hours, and the performance of the inkjet printer is also very Stable, but it cannot have a long working time; the laser printing machine can print numbers, Chinese characters and patterns, and its printing lines and font size are not limited, but the printing speed is relatively slow, and the ink jet printer The failure rate is relatively low, and it has a fault alarm.

The anti-counterfeiting effect of the laser printing machine is very obvious, and the information it prints can be directly marked on the surface of the product or It is internal, this mark will not be rubbed or changed, and the mark of the ink jet printer is attached to the surface of the product, which is easier to rub and change, and it does not have the effect of anti-counterfeiting; laser Leadtech Coding The printer has a very powerful data processing capacity, it is equipped with a computer host, and the ink jet printer is controlled by a single chip, and its data processing capacity is limited.

Through the above content, we have already understood the difference between laser cij printer and ink inkjet printer. It can be seen that laser inkjet printer and ink inkjet printer are in the Many aspects are different, such as safety and environmental protection. The laser printing machine itself has no pollution and no harmful substances, while the cij printer produces some chemically toxic residues.

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