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What is the difference between small character inkjet printer and UV two-dimensional code inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-05
A question that many customers who need to buy cij printers often wonder, what is the difference between ordinary small character inkjet printers and UV inkjet printers? Although they are all inkjet marking equipment, the difference between small character inkjet printers and UV inkjet printers is actually very big. Today, I will share with you the technical knowledge of different types of cij printers to make it easier and faster for everyone. Recognize both devices. 1. Different small character inkjet printers in different application industries are widely used in food, beverages, pipes, pharmaceutical packaging, wine, cables, daily cosmetics, electronic components, PCB circuit boards and other products. The content includes the common three phases (production date, expiration date, and shelf life), as well as the manufacturer's LOGO pattern, counter, and time information.

UV cij printer has great advantages in packaging identification and variable code printing. It is often integrated in packaging equipment such as rewinders and other automation platforms. It can be used on labels or some permeable materials. Variable information printing, such as common two-dimensional code information, one-dimensional code information, multi-line pattern and multi-line text logos, etc., the printing speed is fast, the resolution is high, and the printing effect similar to the printing body can be achieved, the fastest It can reach 200m/min, which is often seen in printing and packaging manufacturers.

2. Different printing heights The printing height of small character inkjet printers is generally between 1.3mm-12mm. Many cij printer manufacturers will advertise that their equipment can print 18mm or 15mm height, in fact, it is rarely achieved during normal work. Generally, such a height will cause the nozzle to be too far away from the product, and the printed characters will be scattered. It seems that the quality of the printing effect will be greatly reduced, and the dot matrix may also be Untidy, affecting product quality, on the whole, the more common product information printing height is generally between 5-8mm.

The printing height of UV inkjet printer is much higher. For common UV inkjet printers, take KINGLEE U series as an example, U-7200 single nozzle can print 72mm height, and one host can print 6 nozzles without Seam splicing can achieve super-large format Leadtech Coding with a height of more than 430mm, and achieve some overall Leadtech Coding and marking solutions similar to the side of corrugated boxes.

3. There is also a very important difference between the price difference between UV inkjet printers and small character inkjet printers, that is, the huge difference in purchase price, the threshold is very different, take KINGLEE For U series UV inkjet printers, the price of a bare metal printer is almost four times that of Q series small character inkjet printers. With automatic production lines, the price will be further increased, making many small production factories prohibitive. In the process of use, the use cost and maintenance cost of the two kinds of equipment are also different. Relatively speaking, the small character inkjet printer is simpler to use, and the maintenance operation and maintenance are cheaper. The ink and solvent used are also relatively common, belonging to More economical marking equipment. Through the above analysis of the three obvious differences between the two types of equipment, I believe that everyone will have a clearer understanding of the small character inkjet printer and the UV two-dimensional code inkjet printer. When purchasing, first of all, according to their own product conditions and Identify the needs, conduct preliminary screening, and then go to the inkjet printer manufacturer to conduct on-site inspections to learn more about the actual operation of the equipment. You can contact our inkjet printer manufacturer for a proofing test to make the later stage more worry-free.
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