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What is the difference between the two-dimensional code inkjet printer and the traditional small character inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-05

First, let's get to know the two-dimensional code cij printer and understand the core value and competitiveness of this equipment. Two-dimensional code inkjet printers generally refer to those marking equipment that can print two-dimensional codes, especially some online, contact or non-contact continuous Leadtech Coding equipment that can be integrated in production and processing lines. The information is converted into a QR code in the corresponding format and marked on the product. Some high-level small character inkjet printers can complete the printing of two-dimensional codes, and they are also a kind of two-dimensional code cij printers.

When the small character cij printer first entered the Chinese market, it was mainly imported equipment brands. At that time, there was no R&D and upgrade specifically for the function of QR code. Some imported brands will have some built-in QR code function modules. , and most of the domestic brand small character inkjet printers do not have this function.

In the past, if you wanted to print QR codes, there were many requirements and limitations for equipment, especially small character inkjet printers. In terms of DPI resolution, speed, and printing effect, in In terms of material adaptability, there will be big and small problems. If it is not just needed, it will not choose a printer that prints QR codes.

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