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What is the difference between universal printer and the uv printer a high-quality uv printing -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-24
As everybody knows, the earliest time digital printer is used to print paper, business minded people thought can use digital printers in the product surface to all sorts of design and text, and then to find a way to be modified, in 2003 by the science and technology company to create the world's universal printer, which is the earliest change machine, using the core components of the epson inkjet printer in secondary processing and modification, modification and declassification procedures such as process, make it can be used to print directly on the product surface design, created a brand new digital printing industry. Universal printer are the first to use the universal solvent ink, solvent ink printed pattern is need a long time to dry, dry up because is so slow on the production efficiency is slow, and mainly used in some ink absorbency stronger products, such as T-shirt, board, kraft paper, etc. , in order to meet the requirement of the production, the company increased research and development strength, again after a great deal of capital of manpower, eventually developed and led curing system, uv ink with uv ink and led curing system, printers, print out the design, can quickly dries up, print finish is finished, so the uv printer, is increased the uv curing system on the universal laser printing machine. Uv printer is greatly increased, the applicable scope of the inkjet printer is made in any material can is playing is dry surface printing design, such as the following, ceramic tile, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, jade and so on smooth texture. After research and development enables the uv printer to Bai Cai with out, further improves the production efficiency for the uv printer, double printing time saving. Uv printer development to today, in the strength of the manufacturer is no longer production, in addition to the nozzle current domestic production, also can't other parts including circuit board procedures have democracy, only those small workshops in the low-end, also doing in the defect is not perfect printer slow down crack problem, epson printers, printers of the original production of mainly business office use, not for industrialized production, in order to prevent the printer for industrial continuous operation and shorten the life of the laser printing machine, epson factory on a motherboard and nozzle program to add the program slow down, make the printer will be slow down after long time printing problems, is in order to protect the printer, but it is not our production need. Finally want to remind you know is: uv printer manufacturers on the market today, but the factory strength is uneven, everybody before buying a little want to learn more about manufacturers strength, including the equipment of all kinds of main components, and printer technology strength, printing effect and so on. A high quality uv printer should have what characteristics? And regardless of the inner configuration, first of all a high-quality uv printer should look on the appearance is beautiful and easy, whoever has the strength of the manufacturers have their own design team, the equipment must be designed more beautiful appearance atmosphere, unlike what small workshops get some iron sheet and sheet metal folding square, say again within, a high-quality uv printer must use high-quality new accessories and excellent structure design. Many manufacturers in order to save cost and earn huge profits, using second-hand nozzle and poor quality electronic components, inferior material structure, make the printer effect is poor, poor durability.
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