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What is the difference between white ink and black ink used in Ruirun inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27
Many customers will ask what is the difference between black ink and white ink used in inkjet printers. In fact, black ink inkjet printers and white ink inkjet printers are different. Let me talk about the differences in detail. 1. The inkjet printer technology is different. White ink cij printers use air drying pumps, because white ink inkjet printers are mostly used in humid environments, such as wire and cable coding. The moisture in the ink is sucked into the ink, and the air drying pump can effectively avoid the excessive water content in the ink in the humid environment, guarantee the coding effect, and make the cij printer run stably. 2. Whether there is a stirring rod. Particles in the ink of the white ink inkjet printer will cause precipitation. Stir it evenly before use. Therefore, the white ink cij printer will increase the stirring rod to automatically stir the ink to avoid ink precipitation and affect the normal use of the cij printer. 3. The composition is different. White ink is a pigment and black ink is a dye. The pigment needs to be dispersed and the dye needs to be dissolved, so the hardware material of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer is also different. There are particles in the ink of the white ink inkjet printer, while the black ink is more pure and has no impurities.
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