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What is the function of the mask inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-10

Many masks need to be stopped from other provinces and cities. Can the circulation of these masks be normal during transportation? Is there any compliance with the pre-established plan for implementation? The management of these data is inseparable from the enterprise product digital marketing cloud platform, and the data source of the cloud platform is the collection and association of one thing and one code. By scanning the code or entering information, we can quickly let us know the flow of masks, such as how many are sold in the market, where they are sold, and who are buying them.

For example, the number of masks put into the government or some designated institutions, and the status of the in and out of the warehouse, can be displayed digitally. In the field of application of cij printers, there have been many ways to enhance the value of product Leadtech Coding and identification, allowing products to be coded, not only to let people know the basic information such as the date of production, but also to help manufacturers and brands to conduct business. Data support for decision-making. Therefore, the mask cij printer is particularly important.

This year, I didn't expect that as soon as I returned to my hometown before the Spring Festival, I would stay at home until 'dizzy', a pneumonia epidemic battle, from the central government to all parts of the country, work together to fight the war to the end ! This Spring Festival, apart from not visiting for New Year’s greetings or gathering for dinner, I just stay at home and open my eyes every day. The first thing I do is to look at the data of diagnosis, isolation and discharge. Others will have nothing to do. During the period, what I heard most is that I can't buy masks, alcohol, etc...

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