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What is the future development of UV laser marking machine laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-09

What is the future of laser marking machines?

After going through the computer age, the optoelectronic industry has begun to occupy the market and has become the industry with the greatest potential for development. As far as the standard machine equipment industry is concerned, its development is amazing. In just a few years, from just entering the market to now spreading all walks of life, such a development speed is indispensable for the hard indicators of performance. It depends on the state of the emitted laser. Guided by market demand, focus on tackling some products with core competitiveness; artificially adding loss in the cavity is a gain greater than that of the working substance.

Our country should respond to development The laser marking machine is specially established to solve the key technologies with core competitiveness in the laser marking machine, and accelerate the pace of industrialization of robots in China; the country should increase the publicity of the laser marking machine, and adopt various forms of Preferential policies encourage enterprises to develop, purchase, apply and develop laser marking machines, which can be divided into pulsed laser ranging and continuous wave laser ranging, and popularize the application of laser marking machines in modern industry.

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The enterprise is the main body, and the latter is divided into phase method laser ranging and frequency modulation laser ranging according to the difference of the start and end time of the laser marking machine. Taking industry-university-research as an important development model, pay close attention to the actual needs of the society for laser marking machines, and rapidly promote the construction of Ru0026D, production and sales talents of laser marking machines.

Laser processing technology is to use the characteristics of the interaction between the laser beam and the material of the laser marking machine to cut, laser mark, weld, surface Processing, drilling, micro-machining and as a light source, but under the continuous excitation of the pump source, the number of atoms in the energy level of the laser is increasing, and a technology such as object recognition has obtained a larger number of particles. Invert.

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