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What is the reason why laser printers are favored

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

Based on the laser printing machine technology is one of the two promising technologies: laser and computer fusion products. Many foreign countries use this type of machine, and they abandon the inkjet format every year. Since the beginning of this year, it has been favored by many users due to its unique performance and wide range of use, especially in many aspects, it can completely replace the previous general processing methods of printing and inkjet printers.

There is also a very good social benefit. Laser marking is a non-contact working method. It is not only suitable for different working conditions and production line arrangements, but also very energy-saving. In contrast, there is basically no so-called wear and tear, and the degree of contamination is very small. There is no complicated noise effect, this feature has been loved by many big brand merchants, and has been used in many high-demand, environmentally-conscious companies.

Nowadays, there are many companies seeking profit. The use of printers to track and control products is a general trend. So how to choose the right cij printer? The following aspects should be studied and compared.

1. Whether it can be well connected with the existing production line is very important. There is a machine that can meet your requirements in terms of quality, stability and adhesion, but it cannot match the existing production line. It will be a very troublesome thing to change the production line after buying it.

2. The effect of inkjet coding should be obvious. For example, the company’s LOGO or clear fonts and barcodes that need to be printed require high-resolution cij printers.

3. The performance of the machine should be stable and reliable. In other words, the probability of failure should be low, and the probability of product failure should be understood from multiple aspects. Some customers buy products that are cheap, but the performance is unstable, which will affect production and cause trouble. Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. recommends that you must carefully consider it before buying. After all, a laser inkjet printer costs a lot of money, so you should be cautious when buying.

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