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What is the state of the small character inkjet printer with the emergence of the handheld inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18
With the advent of handheld inkjet printers, small character inkjet printers are in an awkward position and must be changed.

Hand-held cij printers are divided into manual inkjet printers and portable automatic cij printers. The traditional printing type coding machine has a long history. They have convenience and price advantages, and are very popular among some small and medium-sized enterprises.

Hand-held inkjet printers also face many problems, such as serious product homogeneity, uneven quality, and consumer dazzling product introductions that are not trustworthy. Many products involve “false publicity,” which misleads many consumers' purchases of normal identification devices and leaves a bad first impression.

Among the brands of handheld inkjet printers, well-known brands are not prominent enough. The main means of competition is price wars. They compare and fight at the price level. More considerations are market share, whether customers will pay, and how customers use the effect and service experience will become the second echelon's consideration.

Of course, the small character inkjet printer has its original advantage, that is, it can perform online high-speed inkjet printing with high adhesion on more materials, which is faster The material is more adaptable and more suitable for factory-manufacturing manufacturers.

Compared with small character cij printers, handheld inkjet printers can perform online or handheld coding on some materials with better permeability to achieve date, batch number, LOGO, graphics, text, specifications, and model numbers. , Serial number, variable QR code and other content types to code.

Compared with the general domestic inkjet printer, it has more functions. For example, the handheld cij printer also supports WIFI information transmission, can realize remote control and variable database coding, and has a more advanced software control system.

Of course, the small character inkjet printer has its originality, that is, high-speed online high-speed inkjet printing on more materials, faster, more suitable for materials, and more suitable for factory manufacturers.

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