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What is the treatment method for ink leakage from the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-28
What is the treatment method for ink leakage from the inkjet printer? The following inkjet printer manufacturers will introduce to you. 1. Whether the machine has not been maintained for a long time, it is recommended to clean and replace the filter. Just like a car, only normal maintenance can ensure the long-term stable and reliable operation of the printer.

Although the cij printer is small, it affects the normal operation of the entire production line. It is recommended that you pay attention to it, do not wait until the problem occurs frequently, and have some preventive maintenance plans. After judging the problem, we can provide targeted operation guidance, such as repeatedly cleaning the nozzle, adjusting the ink line, or removing the filter before the nozzle, the front of the nozzle, and the main filter for flushing. If flushing cannot solve the problem, use Spare parts, replace the new filter to ensure that the machine can run at the first time and code the product.

2. Whether the machine uses original ink or solvent, incompatible or poor quality consumables will seriously block the internal filter pipeline of the printer, resulting in blockage and ink leakage. 3. Whether the machine is too old, generally more than 10 years old cij printer will have more problems when using it. It is recommended to replace it with a new machine to save more consumables, and in fact, the cost performance is higher.
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