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What is the use of the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-29
In the market, in addition to small portable handheld cij printers, the main types of cij printers are divided into two categories: 1. Ink cij printers, non-contact coding on products, suitable for many industries, Including common food, beverages, wires, cables, electronic products can be seen, ink dot matrix or printing type printing effect.

2. It is a laser cij printer. There are three main types of light source equipment: CO2 carbon dioxide, optical fiber, and UV ultraviolet. It is suitable for different materials, including non-metal, plastic, polymer materials, etc., and can form permanent marks.

3. The value and significance of the inkjet printer have room for improvement. As a traditional Leadtech Coding tool, cij printer is actually a very unpopular word. Many college students, even middle-aged people who have worked for many years, will not understand the meaning and meaning of 'inkjet printer' without understanding it. significance. There are more possibilities on the road of giving product identification and marking more value, such as through the integration of diversified product lines, the integration of automated production line transformation capabilities, and the development and compatibility of software to form a joint force to help production, processing and manufacturing. Better product identification and value enhancement for enterprises and brands. From the beginning, the content of numbers, English, Chinese, LOGO graphics, etc. has been continuously extended, and the form has also expanded to barcode, QR code and other information types, including more meanings and possibilities, building a bridge of communication between consumers and brands. Through the analysis of the above three points, everyone must have their own understanding of the 'jet printer' and know what it is used for. It is an ordinary inkjet equipment that gives product identification and value to the identification!
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