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What is the uv laser marking machine

by:LEAD TECH      2020-06-18
What is the uv laser marking machine? Ultraviolet laser marking machine marking machine have what different with other function? Uv laser marking machine is belong to one of laser marking machine series products, it is different from other styles of laser marking machine is that the ultraviolet laser marking machine is adopted 355 nm ultraviolet laser developed and become, 355 uv light focusing is minimal. Therefore ultraviolet laser marking machine can largely reduce the material and processing of mechanical deformation heat effect is small, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is very suitable for super precision marking, sculpture demand. For example, some food and pharmaceutical packaging marking, micro holes, and high speed glass partition and the complexity of the silicon wafer cutting use. Uv laser marking machine and other marking machine, is that also can be applicable to high-end market, the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electronics, communications equipment and other products. Another point is the uv laser marking machine than optical fiber laser marking machine and co2 laser marking machine are more expensive, but the price is high.
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