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What kind of equipment is used for inkjet printers in the plastics industry?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-31

The production requirements of modern enterprises meet modern production standards. It is necessary to ensure that the product packaging is marked with the date, batch number, and barcode, so that the product can be distributed to the market more recognizable. Can be loved and recognized by consumers. The coding opportunities available in different industries are different, and you should choose according to the actual printing. Which is the best inkjet industrial inkjet printer for the plastic industry?

The plastics industry is actually the plastics industry. Plastic products in this industry also need to be printed with logos. So what type of inkjet printer should I use? Ink type cij printers such as small character type, large character type, high resolution type, large characters are relatively small characters with larger fonts, and they are printed on the surface of large workpieces such as asbestos boards, heat insulation boards, etc. superior. Small characters can be sprayed on the surface of different materials such as plastic, paper, metal, glass, etc., and good printing results can be obtained. The small character cij printer can complete the printing task well. The small character cij printer can be widely used in the plastic industry.

High-resolution cij printers cannot be used to print concave-convex products. They are easy to jam during the printing process and need to repeatedly squeeze the ink during use. This will cause waste and the ink cannot be used up. From this point of view, it is more appropriate to spray code with small characters. The printing logo can be printed with date, batch number, bar code, etc., and the printing uses environmentally friendly ink, and the nozzle sprays ink droplets onto the printed plastic. Will not cause damage to the plastic surface. From all aspects, the plastic industry cij printers should have more types of small characters and more marketable. Choosing a small character cij printer can continue printing for many hours to obtain a good logo printing effect.

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