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What kind of following from abrasion scrape resistance, don't change color in a year? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-22
Now everyone in the pursuit of independence, freedom and individuality, a lot of people said we can't meet in mobile phone, can't? But can't realize mobile freedom, but at least we can realize the following from freedom! Usually we use the following, are generally in order to protect the phone and beautiful, is very popular among young people now like it. We all can DIY following from our custom, no matter you are like a soft wind, small clear fresh air or diablo, street fashion wind wind, DIY following customization can satisfy you! But each of the following from the print effect is good? It's not! Different machines, the use of ink, the print color is different, a lot of people to print the following have off color, wire drawing, stripes, and so on, looks is not suitable for your temperament. And we often hand, put the phone fell, is key to wear, or the phone fell into the water, etc. , is a sad journey. Following a laser printing machine printing, without plate making, small batch products printing. Can be used for the following soft shell, shell, TPU following from, the surface of the holster print, white, the color, embossing forming at a time. Following from the laser printing machine to print effect is good, can waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance, long do not fade, which USES a year colour does not change color, pattern clear didn't have to say! ! ! You can choose to love like bean pictures, cartoon design, from the pictures, landscapes, can be directly on the following print your favorite pictures! The operation is simple, low cost and is suitable for your business, such as a sideline good choice!
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