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What kind of protective measures should be taken when using the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-11

Although the volume of ordinary cij printers is relatively small, the machines are always running at a high speed during the use process. At this time, the machines are very dangerous, and they will easily cause damage to our bodies. harm. Therefore, in the process of using the inkjet printer, everyone should take corresponding protective measures. Now, let me introduce the protective measures for the use of cij printers in detail.

Because the inkjet printer needs to use a lot of raw materials, and the staff also needs to add these raw materials. Many of these raw materials are corrosive to a certain extent, so when using the printer, you must wear protective glasses and protective gloves for yourself, so as to prevent your body from being exposed to chemical raw materials. cause damage.

Secondly, many of the raw materials used in the cij printer work contain alcohol, and alcohol only needs to touch a little spark to catch fire. Therefore, no matter whether the inkjet printer is running or not, everyone should not smoke around the inkjet printer, otherwise even the higher-priced inkjet printer with a relatively complete protection system may be ignited, let alone. Those poor quality inkjet printers are gone.

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