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What kind of the mainstream of the bar code printing machine types are divided into? _ - bar code printing machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-18
The category complete bar code printing machine is widely applied in every industry, especially all kinds of general merchandise products used in the daily, the barcode is sweeping through bar code printing machine gush out. Now affordable bar code printing machine is divided into various types, but the mainstream type on the market at present mainly includes the following several kinds. 1, small characters among a great variety of bar code printing machine, small spurt the cij printer is one of the most popular type of character. Small characters printing machine not only can spray print Numbers in English and Chinese characters can also spray printing the validity of the product, production date, batch number, bar code, etc. , suit to use a variety of materials and for jet printing on the packaging. And this type of spray bar code printing machine can print a variety of different color, especially suitable for need to the packing line of high-speed operation. 2, big character is character spurt the cij printer is also a shortage of bar code printing machine, this type of spray bar code printing machine can print on the surface of all sorts of permeability and the permeability material, and convenient operation is extremely simple low cost, flexible and can be move, especially for the spray on the carton, woven bag or plastic film, can even more line continuous spray print. 3, laser coding as a kind of good quality bar code laser marking machine, laser coding machine is a type of mainstream new able to run for a long period of time, and can be easily integrated online. This bar code printing machine not only has high resolution logo effect, and stable running, convenient operation, and don't need material, so the simple operation bar code printing machine use cost is relatively low. In aggregate, currently on the market mainstream bar code printing machine is mainly divided into small character big character and laser printing three types. Because each type of bar code printing machine characteristics of itself is not the same, so the bar code printing machine will be used for the vast number of users should understand the similarities and differences among the three mainstream spurt the cij printer, and then targeted choose to suit your own bar code printing machine.
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