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What materials can the fiber laser marking machine mark?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-25

The core component of fiber laser marking machine is fiber laser, which uses optical fiber doped with rare earth elements as the gain medium. The application field of fiber laser marking machine is very wide. Compared with traditional ink printing, it has low cost, high flexibility and can be controlled by computer system. In terms of industry, fiber laser marking machines are widely used to mark graphics and characters in many fields, such as integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks, electronic and communication products, aerospace equipment, various auto parts, household appliances , hardware tools, molds, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and other fields, as well as large-scale production line operations.

Functionally speaking, the fiber laser marking machine can realize:

1. Alumina is blackened, which requires The adjustable pulse width mopo fiber laser marking machine is different from the ordinary fiber laser marking machine, this kind of fiber laser marking machine can beat the alumina black, which the ordinary fiber laser marking machine cannot do.

2. Color the metal, which requires some adjustment and testing of the parameters according to the material, and various colors can be printed on stainless steel.

3. Metallic black, similar to the second point;

4. Online flight mark, what does it mean? That is to say, combining the fiber laser marking machine with the assembly line and marking while feeding can greatly improve our work efficiency. This function is very useful and convenient for marking some items that need to be marked on the assembly line and are usually inconvenient to move manually.

5. Portable fiber laser marking machine, this kind of laser marking machine is small in size and takes up little space, which can meet the basic marking requirements. For customers with low marking requirements, portable laser marking machines are very suitable.

Fiber laser marking machine marking materials: fiber laser marking machine has great advantages in marking hard, fragile and dark materials, most metal materials, And some specific non-metallic materials, such as plastics, can be marked by fiber laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machines have 20w/30W/50w models, which are the most commonly used models. Different power fiber laser marking machines have different prices. The higher the power, the higher the price.

The marking system of fiber laser marking machine is an integrated design. It adopts imported scanning galvanometer, which can realize continuous marking in a large range. The service life of fiber laser marking machine is longer than that of fiber laser marking machine. Other laser markers are longer and require no maintenance. Markable materials of fiber laser marking machine include: any metal (including rare metals), engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, spraying materials, plastic rubber, epoxy resin, ceramics and other materials, with high marking resolution and Beautiful image.

Fiber laser marking machines are widely used in electronic separation components, integrated circuits (IC), circuits, mobile communications, hardware products, tools and kitchen utensils, tool accessories, precision instruments, Glasses and watches, computer keyboards, jewelry accessories, auto accessories, plastic buttons, plumbing accessories, sanitary ware, PVC pipes, medical equipment, packaging bottles, etc.

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