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What problems does the use of wrong consumables bring to the printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-04
The content of inkjet printer consumables used by different inkjet printer brands is quite different. In order to save the cost of using consumables for manufacturers, many users will go to Taobao and other online channels to buy some cheap consumables instead. For example, products made of PE material require high-adhesion inks, and products that require high-temperature sterilization require high-temperature-resistant inks... Little do they know that such cheap consumables not only damage the stable operation and service life of the printer.

At the same time, it will also hinder the after-sales service of inkjet printer manufacturers. If inks with different characteristics are mixed together, it will even cause damage to important parts of the machine, resulting in high-cost repair costs.

All of the inferior inkjet printer consumables are competitive in the market. The traceability is due to the low production cost and the substandard content of consumables. As inkjet printer users, many enterprise users do not understand the damage of inferior cij printer consumables. , Blindly pursue cost saving, but the choice of inferior consumables may cause irreversible damage to the printer. Inferior ink consumables bring cost traps, open low and go high. Shanzhai consumables often use low prices as bait, but the acquisition cost seems to be quite low, but due to the substantial increase in the consumption of consumables per unit of time and the rate of idle volatilization, the cost of use does not decrease but increases. Inferior ink consumables for cij printers may also be toxic and harmful to others. The after-sales crisis of counterfeit ink consumables enterprises is very serious. Because it is impossible to understand important factors such as its chemical composition and characteristics, the original equipment manufacturer cannot estimate the repair cost of the damaged machine using inferior ink consumables. In order to extend the service life of the inkjet printer, reduce the failure rate of the inkjet printer, and improve the stable operation of the equipment, it is recommended to use the original inkjet printer consumables.
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