Leadtech inkjet printer: The leading manufacturer in CIJ printer - continuous inkjet printer, since 2011. 

What products has LEAD TECH developed?
Developing products is the lifeblood of LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd.. We struggle to fulfill and retain consumers by offering exceptional products. In fact, developing new products allows us to have more reputation and easily attract customers. So far, we have developed well-received products such as inkjet coding machine manufacturer . They create value for our company and our customers. Some of them are simply an incremental innovation over the previous version with only some new features added or slight faster performance than the last one. But they are able to strengthen customers' business by offering enough new values to generate additional revenue on sales.

As a company with domestic and global competitiveness, LEAD TECH mainly focuses on laser printing machine. cij printer series manufactured by LEAD TECH include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Creative cij printer produced from advanced materials come with cij inkjet printer. Built with a cooling system, it has good heat dissipation. It has the required colorfastness. The type of dye, the amount of dye, the way it binds to the fabric, and the dyeing process contribute to this characteristic. Things printed by this product have high image resolution.

LEAD TECH plans to be the dominant cij printer supplier who provides the best customer service. Inquiry!
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