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What role can use shenzhen laser printing machine printing? _ laser printing machine - shenzhen

by:LEAD TECH      2020-05-26
Today, will be very care about you no matter what the purchasing products of authenticity, security, and the problem such as production date, and this information will be in the form of a code displayed in the products above, therefore, the importance of laser to cij printer is revealed. Here is to know about the laser printing machine using reliable code can have what effect. 1, improve the product's identification to prevent counterfeit laser printing machine can be attached to the product of some special logo, such as brand name and logo design, it can make the product stand out in the compete with other products, increase brand awareness, expand your product sales. And, through laser laser marking machine after spraying on enterprise's label, can effectively prevent, inhibit counterfeit. 2, to track products every enterprise in line with the attitude of responsible for consumers will use laser to spurt the cij printer products production batch number, shift and spray date printed on the product, let consumer to understand the relevant information. In addition, if a batch of products appear problem, can also pass to spurt the code on the production date and availability of the batches of product liability traces, so as to improve the efficiency of management of the quality of the product. 3, provide the basis for production plan by using laser to spurt the code machine after sprayed on the product information, enterprise can easily understand a product produced more than a few, can clear grasp of the batch of product production progress, therefore, can provide powerful basis for production workshop production plan, avoid excess yield enough or yield. Through these points, to understand why companies need to use the high quality of laser printing machine, at the same time also can know after using laser to spurt the code machine products to spurt the code to play the role of which aspects. So, now more and more companies in order to improve the product identification, as well as to improve the efficiency of product quality management, by purchasing high quality laser to spurt the code machine will use.
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