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What should I do if the coding of the edible oil canned inkjet printer suddenly becomes unclear? Optimistic about these matters

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03

The patterns and texts on various oil tanks are generally made by cij printers to achieve high-definition texture inkjet effect, which is more eye-catching. There are many requirements for the operation and use of the special edible oil canned inkjet printer. In the actual inkjet printing, the process must be strictly followed. Many customers have responded. What if the inkjet printer is suddenly unclear in the inkjet printing? manage? How to deal with it properly?

1. Is the content setting of the inkjet printer wrong?

When using the edible oil canned inkjet printer, it is found that the inkjet code is not clean enough. You must first check whether the settings are correct. If If there is an error, it will directly affect the coding effect. It is recommended to check the settings in advance during actual operation, such as the width and height of the content. If it exceeds the maximum value of the printer, the printed content will be unclear. It is recommended to make adjustments in time and try to meet The maximum value of the printer to ensure that the content can be completely printed.

2. Is the ink capacity of the inkjet printer sufficient?

General cij printers are mainly based on ink. If you find that it is not clear during use, you can also Excluded on content. The use of the cij printer is just like our usual pen writing. If the ink is not enough, it will naturally directly affect the inkjet effect and the content will not be clear. At this time, check the ink cartridge condition again and add ink in time to avoid affecting the actual coding quality.

3. Is the nozzle of the inkjet printer working properly?

There are many reasons why the inkjet printer is not clear, and it may also be because the nozzle is malfunctioning. In the use of the edible oil canned inkjet printer, if it is not cleaned regularly, it is easy to cause the ink to accumulate at the nozzles of the nozzles, clogging and other problems, and naturally it will not be able to print clearly. When encountering this kind of problem, you can use a special cleaning agent to clean the print head multiple times to dissolve the remaining ink stains, and naturally you can print normally.

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