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What should I do if the fiber laser marking machine fails?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-30

Each complete laser marking machine will have a set of red light indicator. As for the function of the red light indicator, please refer to the function of the red light adjustment of the laser marking machine, but the operator occasionally Encountered that there is no red light display, only the laser is emitted, how should we solve it at this time?

What should I do if the fiber laser marking machine does not emit red light

If this happens, we can refer to the following steps to troubleshoot and troubleshoot Solution:

1. The optical path is moved, and the fiber laser marking machine equipment is not broken, just adjust the optical path;

2. Press the keyboard F1 to switch the red light Turn on, off, or turn on the red light button on the marking interface to operate, so check to see if there is a mechanical switch that controls the red light; /p>

4. Check if the power of the red light is turned on. Use a multimeter to measure whether there is a 5V voltage between the two red and black bars of the red light indicator. If it is a 5V voltage and there is no laser output, then you can be sure The red light indicator needs to be replaced;

5. Maybe the red line module is broken, or the red light seat is loose and dislocated, and the red line module is broken.

There are many reasons for this problem. If you still can't solve the problem through the above methods, you can contact your supplier directly. If it is within the warranty period, it is generally free of charge. For door-to-door maintenance, in addition, you can also directly contact the laser marking machine manufacturer for after-sales solutions.

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