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What should I do if the ink jet printer is shut down for a long time during holidays and the print head is clogged?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

Ink cij printers are widely used in the food industry, beverages, daily necessities, cosmetics, wire and cable industries, etc., thanks to its strong adaptability, high efficiency, and standard coding effects, it has become the first choice of various industries.

In the case of holidays, the workshop is not producing, and the ink jet printer is prone to blockage when the ink jet printer is stopped for a long time, which causes the jet printer to fail to work and affects the normal operation of the workshop. Production. So how should we avoid and solve this problem?

The engineer suggested that the operator should do a good job in the daily maintenance of the inkjet printer, regularly start and run the ink circuit, and perform the normal power on and off operations according to the specifications, and avoid direct Shut down the power and cause the nozzle to block. Because the ink jet printer will cyclically clean the ink path of the printer during the normal power-on process, so that there will be no ink residue in the ink path and nozzle, which will cause the ink path to be blocked after the ink is dried. In this way, even if the ink is sprayed The printer has been shut down for a long time, and the ink line can be opened normally for printing after turning it on again.

Some customers may be confused. If these preparations are not done in advance and the nozzles are blocked, what should be done? Senior engineers have summarized two points and countermeasures, which can be used as a reference.

1. The ink line is skewed: Generally, after the ink line is activated, the ink dots are ejected from the nozzle hole, but the shot is deflected and fails to enter the recovery slot. In this case, the nozzle should be cleaned immediately, and the nozzle should be flushed with a cleaning agent.

2. No ink line injection: After starting the ink jet printer, no ink line is ejected, indicating that the nozzle hole is completely blocked. The nozzle should be removed immediately, and the nozzle should be immersed in a cleaning agent or cleaned by ultrasonic. After cleaning, use a syringe to test whether any ink dots are ejected.

The user needs to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the ink jet printer. Regardless of whether it is nozzle maintenance, assembly, disassembly, storage or cleaning, you need to be cautious, and never let the nozzle be impacted, otherwise it will easily damage the nozzle film.

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