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What should I do if the laser code machine does not have a laser?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-21

The laser Leadtech Coding machine is often the last link in the production process of the product, and a problem with the laser Leadtech Coding machine will lead to a large backlog of goods. The cij printer manufacturers provide you with some useful suggestions on the basis of summarizing years of experience in technical after-sales service. How to deal with the laser coder that does not emit light during use.

The reasons why the laser coder does not emit light and the countermeasures. 1. Forgot to remove the lens protective cover of the laser coder. The lens protective cover is often black, the same as the marking field lens, so many people do not pay attention, and no light is emitted no matter how it is adjusted. It turns out that the protective cover is forgotten to be removed. . Solution: Before each use, remove the protective cap. 2. If the laser focus is not right, the focus is not right, there will be no laser. Solution: adjust to the focus position. 3. The parameters of the laser software are disordered, and sometimes abnormal power outages will cause problems in the computer software, so you can reset it. 4. Serious laser light decay, or laser failure, will also cause no light. Solution: Replace the laser.

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