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What should I do if the small character inkjet printer does not print well?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-24

1. Check whether the ink outlet of the nozzle of the printer is blocked, so that the ink droplets cannot be blocked during typing, and whether the typed words are only the upper half or the lower half. It is generally easy to solve this problem. The dirt on the ink port can be covered.

2. Of course, since many small-character cij printers are mass-produced, there will be some difficult situations for cij printers in large batches, such as poor inkjet printing is determined by the performance of the small-character cij printer itself. , is also difficult to handle, that is, the breakpoint of the inkjet printer is not good, resulting in the typed characters are scattered and crooked, in this case, do not blindly correct it yourself, you need to go to the inkjet printer system It can only be solved by adjusting some related parameters in the parameters. Generally, it can be completed by contacting the professional after-sales service project of the inkjet printer manufacturer.

3. The ink line deviation of the inkjet printer is relatively large, which will also cause one line of information to be poorly printed, the fonts are blurred, and the scattered points are large when multiple lines are printed. It is to contact the professional and technical personnel of the inkjet printer manufacturer to assist in the solution, because this involves professional judgment of the ink line position, and the ink line position can be adjusted to the correct position.

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