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What should I do if the text or pattern printed by the laser marking machine is not clear?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-21

With the advancement of modern technology, the field of industrial processing is becoming more and more intelligent. Laser marking technology is widely used in various processing fields. In the use of laser marking machines, we will also encounter various Today, I mainly share with you the solution to the problem that the text or pattern is not clear after the laser marking machine is turned on.

Due to the influence of external forces such as wear or vibration, the distance from the lens to the workpiece will change, resulting in unclear marking. At this time, it is necessary to debug the position of the laser and adjust the focal length of the equipment in a small range, so as to facilitate the discovery of laws, and to accurately and effectively find the optimal distance from the lens to the workpiece. If there is still no effect after adjustment, it is necessary to check whether the brightness of the high-pressure krypton lamp in the lamp room is sufficient. Because the high-pressure krypton lamp is a consumable material, the brightness will decrease after a long time of use, and a new high-pressure krypton lamp must be replaced.

If it is not the reason for the insufficient brightness of the high-pressure krypton lamp, then check whether the surface of the high-pressure krypton lamp and the ultraviolet filter glass tube in the concentrating cavity is adhered by scale. If there is scale, it must be cleaned carefully; if there is no scale, it is probably caused by the fact that the laser beam cannot pass through the center of the beam expander. At this time, it is necessary to insert the conversion glass sheet on the output mirror to check whether the light spot is deviated. If the center of the beam expander deviates, fine-tune the two small screws on the total reflection lens to move the light spot to the center again.

In addition, the low power grid voltage and the accumulation of water in the laser cavity may also cause the pattern or text printed by the laser marking machine to be unclear, so ensure the voltage and clean it from time to time. Concentrator cavity.

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