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What should I pay attention to when marking the two-dimensional code bottle cap of the laser printer? What are the particulars?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

We can see various QR code logos on the packaging of various beverages, snacks, etc., in fact, for the purpose of effectively marking the logo, but also for orderly tracking. Of course, these two-dimensional codes are basically made by cij printers. What should be paid attention to when laser cij printer two-dimensional code bottle cap inkjet codes? How to ensure the smooth progress of coding?

1. Check the equipment status of the cij printer

Before marking the two-dimensional code bottle cap of the laser inkjet printer, please pay attention to check the overall working status of the inkjet printer to see if Already suitable for processing. The general inspection includes whether the air pressure of the printer is normal, whether the accessory nozzle is skewed, whether the printer is blocked, etc., try to eliminate hidden risks to ensure the smooth progress of the coding.

2. Check the suitable processing condition of the bottle cap

In order to ensure the easy and smooth printing of the code, the status of the bottle cap should also be checked. It is recommended to choose a few to try first to see if the bottle cap is suitable for coding. After all, the material and status of different bottle caps will be different. It is necessary to check in advance whether it is suitable for laser coding. If there are problems, they must be checked and cleaned up in time to ensure efficient and stable coding operations.

3. Pay attention to the coding process and debugging

Use a laser printing machine to spray a QR code on the bottle cap. Of course, pay attention to debugging and develop a standard coding process. Generally, it is necessary to customize the corresponding QR code program first, and adjust the position so that the cij printer can always be in a normal state. And also check the application status of the inkjet printer in time to reduce the possibility of problems.

Laser inkjet printer two-dimensional code bottle cap inkjet coding should be well understood in all aspects, complete the settings according to the coding requirements, and improve the coding efficiency.

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